Taehei Kim awarded tenacity scholarship (sub section: overcoming failure) from KAIST

Taehei Kim[detail]

Dongseok Yang received 2021 NC PhD Fellowship

Dongseok Yang  [detail]


Taeil Jin received the Honorable Mention Poster award from SCA 2019

Interaction Motion Retargeting to Highly Dissimilar Furniture Environment (Poster)
Taeil Jin and Sung-Hee Lee
The ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA) 2019 [detail]

Deok-Kyeong Jang received the best paper award from KCGS 2019

Different Perceptual Features of Motion Style Catogory
Deok-Kyeong Jang and Sung-Hee Lee [detail]

Hye Ji Kim received the best presentation award from ICCCS 2019

Different Perceptual Features of Motion Style Catogory
Hye-Ji Kim and Sung-Hee Lee [detail]


Seungbae Bang received the research excellence award from BK21 Plus

Seungbae Bang [detail]

Seungbae Bang received the 2018 ACM Student Research Competition first place from SIGGRAPH 2018

Computation of Skinning Weight Using Spline Interface
Seungbae Bang and Sung-Hee Lee [detail]


Hye-Ji Kim received the best paper award from Korean Society of Dance

Key Pose-Based Ballet Scoring Using Benesh Movement Notation System
Hye-Ji Kim and Sung-Hee Lee[detail]


Received the best paper award from KCGS16

Hand Contact between Remote Users through Virtual Avatars
Jihye Oh, Yoojin Lee, Yeonjun Kim, Taeill Jin, Sukwon Lee and Sung-Hee Lee [project]

Jeong-seob Lee won the bronze at the ‘2016 ICT-Culture and Art Fusion Competition’ awards ceremony.

Body Kaleidoscope
Jeong-seob Lee and Sung-Hee Lee [detail]


Seungbae Bang received the best student paper award from PG15

Interactive Rigging with Intuitive Tools
Seungbae Bang, Byungkuk Choi, Roger Blanco i Ribera, Meekyoung Kim, Sung-Hee Lee, and Junyong Noh
Pacific Graphics 2015 Conference, in Computer Graphics Forum, 34(7), pp.1-10, Oct. 2015 [detail]